Trofeo Estate Moscato Oro

Offered by Trofeo Estate

Harvest - 31st March
Year - 2012
Region - Mornington Peninsula
Clone - Muscat Blanc à Petits Grain
Winemaking - Grapes were harvested on 31st March. Picking dates were selected based on analysis and sample tasting. The wine was made using reductive techniques. A cool ferment was employed to cease fermentation once the perfect balance between flavour and sweetness was achieved. The wine was aged in stainless steel tanks to retain freshness.
Tasting Notes - Enjoy as an aperitif, digestive or just because it’s delicious. This delightfully aromatic, low alcohol Moscato offers fresh fruit flavours on the palate with a subtle yet refreshing spritz on the finish.
$22 / 500ml Bottle
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