Polperro Mill Hill Pinot Noir

Offered by Polperro Winery

Brand - Polperro
Region - Mornington Peninsula
Year - 14
Mill Vineyard - Altitude: 270m above sea level  Coordinates: 38*21’48’’ south, 144* 58’38’ East Average rainfall: 900mm Clone:  MV6 (2.5 acres)  Cropping:  1.9 tons/acre Planted : 1994  Trellising system:  VSP and cane pruned Vineyard orientation : gentle northly slope  with vineyard rows running due North
The vineyard is managed without using  herbicides or insecticides and the use of biological and good cultural practices is maximised to control disease. For the most part only organically permitted fungicides are used to control disease in the vineyard, however, on rare occasions, systemic fungicides are needed.  Our plan is to gradually convert the vineyard to become organic once the vineyard’s immune system is fully developed.
Wine Making
Baume: 13.4   ph 3.3  t.a 6.8  Analysis: pH: 3.63  T/A  6.3 g/l   FSO2 : 26ppm TSo2 : 80ppm Alc:  13.4%v/v  Dissolved oxygen: 0.33 mg/L 
The fruit is handpicked and destemmed into a 2 ton open fermenter as whole berries and left to start fermenting naturally.  It is not touched until a 2-3 drop in baume , which allows fermentation to occur inside the grape berr and  I believe increases the aromatics of the finished wine. Once fermentation starts strongly then the ferment is handplunged 2-3 times per day for 15 days. The  wine is left on skins for post ferment maturation for another 15 days.  It is than pressed off skins and racked to barrel. 30 % new oak and predominately Sirugue extra tight grain Light toast. In spring the wine is racked and returned to barrel. After a total of 16 months barrel maturation the wine is bottled without fining or filtration.
Tasting Notes
The wine is more feminine than its counterpart but still powerful. The palate is focused and structured with a  persistent finish. This is all tempered with lovely savoury and spicy red fruits and structured French oak.
$85 / 750ml Bottle
$510 / 6 x 750ml Bottle
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