Paradigm Hill Riesling

Offered by Paradigm Hill

Fruit is crushed, stems removed and the must is left to soak a while before pressing off the juice & overnight cooling. The clear juice that is fermented in open 2000 litre vats [14oC to 16oC]. Wine is bottled after a further 6 months.    Due to lower fruit-set the previous spring, the 2014 harvest of Riesling was smaller than average yet quality was maintained with a freshness and vitality in the finished wine. This wine greets you with intense aromas of citrus and hints of fresh green apples, which are in turn reflected on the palate. The wine is bone dry but has a lovely acid softness and phenolic balance on the palate along with persistence and generosity of flavour. We can confidently anticipate enjoyment for the next decade and a half or even longer?
James Halliday Wine Companion 2016 – 90 Points 
Tony Keys “The Key report” - 90 points +
$42 / 750ml
Paradigm Hill WINE Riesling White Wine Wine